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The Rational Organ consists of rational updates from the irrational mind of Mar Qaroll, a budding and inexperienced but passionate writer of original work on Archive of Our Own, Wattpad, and World Anvil.

The Organ came into being during the time Mar was experiencing a rapid decline in mental health and didn't want to use his Facebook page for updates to the public.

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Issue Ⅰ: Where have I been?!

November 15, 2020

Welcome to the first issue (and technical first edition) of The Rational Organ—the update newsletter from yours truly, Mar Qaroll!

Where have I been?!

I know, I know. I was outrageously active on Twitch and several Discord servers, and then…nothing! I am here to…assure you…I am alive but not well. I’ll leave it at that. I’m not sure if I will blog anymore, but that’s the gist of it. If I do continue blogging, you will find constantly updated information on what I’m talking about here on my personal blog…

National Novel Writing Month 2020

It is officially two weeks+ into NaNoWriMo 2020 and…I have nothing, folks. I haven’t been able to so much as come up with a paragraph for my intended NaNo story, Hybrid, or for anything else, really. It goes along with my mental health, or lack thereof. It’s unpleasant and a place I wish I wasn’t in; I am so tired of being here.

So, as things are right now, I am trying to keep myself busy by doing things like…this. Making a half-assed newsletter. And…

The Revamped House of Qaroll 2020

I’ve worked for hours, nearly an entire day, and I have finally come to something resembling a…decent “indie author nyeh nyeh” site. Or something. I don’t like it, but I like it. However that works. It’s actual progress, regardless, and it’s the only thing keeping me happy in this very moment. There is still a hell of a lot of add and work on, and all I can hope is that my spending money on Carrd is worth it…


That’s pretty much it, for this first volume!! I don’t know what else to mention for the moment since nothing fun or important is happening now. I just thought I would have some fun with this mailing list idea…

Thank you for subscribing and/or reading!

Issue Ⅱ: Internet down and other matters

December 2020

Welcome to the second issue of The Rational Organ—the update newsletter from yours truly, Mar Qaroll!

This issue is very late, but it's better here now than never...

Where have I been?! Pt. Ⅱ

It seems I have once again fallen off the map in some respects. I assure you, this time it is not because I wanted to. It is because I lost access to stable internet.

I now use data from my cell phone. I can tell you, this is cumbersome, annoying, and very impractical considering my data plan and phone service.

National Novel Writing Month 2020 Update

I finished a novel, after all! While it wasn't completed just in November but December as well, I can proudly say I wrote a total of 150k words worth of a story!

This story is God Noise Vol. I, and I am happy to say it is now available online on Wattpad! Click here to go there! Thus far, it is being updated every day. Whoo!

Housing Situation

The main reason why I don't have stable internet anymore is because my mother and I are moving around. Long story short, I lost internet when she moved. Now, I have to pay for it myself, and that's...a complicated story.

As for my actual housing situation, I might move in January [Update: I did not]. If I do move, it's going to help my mental state so much, you have no idea.


That's it for this second volume! It's not much, but it's moving along.

Thank you for subscribing and/or reading!

Issue Ⅲ: What. The. Fuck.

January 19, 2021

Welcome to the third issue of The Rational Organ—the update newsletter from yours truly, Mar Qaroll!

So, what the fuck, 2021? You were people's shining knight, A New Hope. But noooo, you decided to screw us all over not even a bloody week into the new year!

Great start to 2021. Puh.

Housing & Internet Situation, con't.

Yep, still no stable internet. And still nothing on moving to a new place. Thanks to COVID-19, people aren't wanting to leave their homes. That's understandable, but jeez louise, give a guy a break. I'm trying to do this for my health, too...

Writerly Things: A Month of Inhuman

This is the month of Human Shed Skin: Inhuman! Along with it being uploaded at last to Wattpad again, (click here to read!) in full, I'm working on the 11th rewrite! As of this moment, I am working on the 29th chapter, which may or may not be the second to last or third to last chapter in the book. And then...I'm done again! WHOO!

Thus far, there's been some interest in the story again. It's nice to see. I know people are waiting for the ending, though. That's the most important bit I never got around to uploading...

Also, I just want to restate that I do copyright my work. I have both God Noise Vol. I and Inhuman formally copyrighted.

Don't fuck with my stories or you might just give me enough monies to pay for my rent. 😠

Branding Myself

Hoo, boy, this has been "fun".

I've worked extra hard despite not having internet to brand myself properly. I've finally updated my Qarollverse Developments blog, which is very nice, thanks to having things to actually talk about.

But what really bothers me and is something on my mind is...Patreon, and similar things. I don't think I'll ever have what I need to make my "brand" "fun" in that respect. Nothing to give...nothing to do...

Bah, it's complicated and I don't think I'm making much sense right now.

I'll come back to this.


The new wave of coronavirus cases is making my life extra hard, as I imagine it has for many others. There was so much I had hoped to do last year that I still can't do this year. This is one of the reasons why moving so important.

My mental health is worsening considerably. But I feel I'll have to go through the rest of January before I talk about that in detail...

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Issue Ⅳ: Fuggedaboutit

March 19, 2021

Welcome to the fourth issue of The Rational Organ—the update newsletter from yours truly, Mar Qaroll!


I got nothing positive to say here...

Housing & Internet Situation, con't.

Well. I moved into my new place, yes. I have stable internet and a home phone, thank goodness. I'm finally doing that strange thing called Adulting™.

And damn, do I hate it.

I guess that's all there is to say. Next time, something-something, blah-blah, words.

Writerly Things: Prep for April Camp NaNo

This has been a...

Branding Myself, con't.




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